BBC micro:bit – Sun exposure alarm

This activity is incremental and builds on each step. Worked examples are shown but it is feasible for students to come up with other working solutions. At worst, get a projector up to show them what to do. Preferably describe what to do (you can look at a students screen) – it means you are out on the shop floor and the students have to translate your words in to their actions on screen. If they see you do it, they will just copy it parrot fashion (bonus points for Norwegian Blue references). The science notes are optional and not required for the engineering activity.

You will need to tell them how to connect the external accessories & find the right blocks to use them.

The brief: Sun exposure is a major cause of skin cancer, the rate doubled between 1975 & 2000. Because we can’t see the light that causes the problem, you have been asked to create a device that monitors light levels and displays/sounds an alarm if a certain level is reached.

Click here for the teaching notes and here for the student notes.

You will need an external light sensor and a buzzer for each product development team.

This is a Ruff-n-Ready™ video of the programming steps:

Need a memory refresher on downloading to micro:bit?? – click here.