BBC micro:bit – Programming introduction – part 1

These sequence of videos cover variables (data storage), calculations, some elements of good programming practice, decision making with the IF statement, boolean logic and the significance of zero.


  • Concepts: Storing information, manipulating and making decisions on it.
  • Skills: Apply fundamental programming constructs

Resources required: Computer workstation – it’s not strictly necessary to download these exercises to the micro:bit.

Pre-requisites: The knowledge & skills from the first session

The scripts are shared if you wish to tinker with them yourself:

  1. Variables – intro
  2. Variables – temperature conversion
  3. The IF statement
  4. Boolean logic
  5. Numbers start at 0

The boolean logic & numbers start at 0 aren’t strictly necessary if time is short.

This YouTube video is a playlist of five videos – totalling less than 30 minutes.